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Global Network Group specializes in the development and management of protected international private labels and titles for professionals, companies and organizations.

Global Network Group organizes, develops, maintains, manages and facilitates global procedures and systems for education, training, continuing education, online theory exams, on-the-spot practice exams and both private and public registration and certification of individual professionals, companies, organizations, products and services.
Global Network Group offers its clients and its (potential) certificate holders unique and protected private titles and labels. Global Network Group focuses on (professional) groups where no recognized standard such as an ISO standard is available.Global Network Group offers these (professional) groups exclusive registration and certification solutions to these professionals and their companies so that they can distinguish themselves positively and effectively with respect to non-registered and certified individuals, companies and competitors.This to ensure that our clients and certificate holders gain improved competitiveness and increased market coverage. In consultation with the certificate holders Global Network Group sets a world standard for these groups. Global Network Group is a dynamic and future-oriented organization.
Global Network Group manages various titles and registers:
Arbitrators | Conflictcoaches | Mediators | Family Mediators | Court Mediators | Negotiators
Yachtbrokers | Shipbrokers | Brokers barges & houseboats | Marine & Yachtsurveyors | Appraisers | Harbourmasters
Coaches | Businesscoaches | Childcoaches | Conflictcoaches | Hypnosiscoaches | Inheritance coaches | NLP-coaches
Hypnotherapists | Hypnosiscoaches
Global Network Group delivers added value to its clients and certificate holders by providing market-oriented services and applications:
  • Establishment GNG world standards by the ICC Council (International Certification Council) and ECC Council (European Certification Council)
  • Professional basic courses & training through accredited GNG agencies
  • Continuous training through accredited GNG agencies (Continuing Professional Development Program)
  • Proper conduct with disciplinary rules
  • Solid procedural requirements tailored to the practice in combination with model documents
  • International third party funds management via Foundation BDG GNG
  • Collective contracts, such as professional and business liability insurance, remote office
Global Network Group is ISO 9001: 2008 certified by Lloyds Register Netherlands.
ADR Register, member of Global Network Group, is accredited by the International Mediation Institute (IMI) as Qualifying Assessment Program (QAP).
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